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11 years ago

Purge: Accounts

Submitted on behalf of Stephen Browning from Taxcorp


Roy I raised the issue of account deletions with you a few weeks back.


Yes you can use combine accounts, but this is only a feature you should use when you wish to combine the contents of two similar accounts.


MYOB continually states that an account cannot be deleted because it has existing journal entries. This includes situations in which transactions have been removed from an account, not by way of a journal but by the recoding of the transaction. The system still records that the transaction was entered to the first account.


"delete accounts'




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    The tech support team advised that this is a known issue with not being able to delete an account even though it has no transactions (or journals that are visible) posted to it. Can you please advise when this will be fixed?

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      Thanks for the idea Elvs. I can definitely confirm this issue with not being able to delete accounts has been raised. The current workaround is to mark the account as inactive which will safeguard you from posting directly to the account. Unfortunately I don't have a time frame when this will be fixed but we will update this as soon as we have some more information.
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    Thanks for the idea. I can see how deleting accounts that have zero balances (even though transactions are recorded) would help with cleaning up datafiles. Currently the only option is to mark the account inactive which stops it displaying on reports. If other users would like this functionality, please show your support with further votes.
  • I agree with Stephen.  We need to be able to delete old accounts which haven't been used otherwise the chart of accounts can start to become unwieldy.  


    I don't know of anyone who keeps a list of when accounts were marked inactive to be able to go and delete it once that year has been rolled over, so once an account has been marked inactive, it normally stays in the Chart of Accounts for a long time and after a while, the Chart of Accounts starts becoming unwieldy.

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    Also can we have the function to just RIGHT CLICK and delete the account.   I had to fix up a chart of accounts that had about 50 unused items and had to click, edit, delete 50 times.  Would save a lot of time to have the ability to right click.   All this clicking is giving me Repetitive strain injuries:smileytongue: