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Purge: Quotes

Hi - we use the Quoting facility of MYOB extensively and convert quotes to orders and then to invoices if quotes are accepted and progress on. Our system set up already ensures Quotes are deleted once converted to Orders  -as are Orders deleted once converted to Invoices.  However our MYOB file is now over 130MB and whilste we purge old invoices and optimise our file etc etc we cannot purge redundant QUOTES as they are considered "open"  transactions. The quotes currently display from 2008 (!). As quotes really are only valid for six months or so this is ridiculous. The only way we can get rid of them is to manually delete them one at a time. Whilst it is good to be able to look back a couple of years to see what was previosly quoted (despite our six month validity policy) - there needs to be a mechanism to elect to purge quotes at year end in the same way invoices can be. Either that or a way to convert them to closed transactions after an electable period of time so they can be purged during usual end of year processes.Thanks


"Bulk Purging of old Quotes"


  • There should be an option where you can set a preference in MYOB that after, say 90 days, the quote is no longer valid and moves to the closed list and no longer appears in the popup list when entering new transactions.


    Sasuesa wrote in 2016:

    It appears the only way you can get them off your system is to delete them.  That would leave holes in the invoice number sequence which is unacceptable.  If you do nothing they keep appearing in a pop-up whenever you try to enter another quote for that customer and that list just keeps getting longer.  It would be really great if there was a way of making quotes inactive or expired so they don't keep clogging up the data-file, but are still available if you need to refer to them.


    I agree that this is something that is needed.  I have 20 plus salesmen writing many quotes a day and only a small percentage are converted to an actual order then invoice.  The remainder quotes need to be accessed for historical data, but are sitting as "open" in the transaction history each time you go to do a new quote.


    I cannot delete these, as it affect the auditing sequence number and I dont have time to go and reverse every single quote that was created.