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9 years ago

Receive Payments: Allocate payment without having an invoice

Currently when a customer makes a payment it is entered into Myob via Receive Payments and it is allocated to an invoice.


If a payment is made and you do not know what invoice it is to be allocated to or there are no open invoices Myob suggests allocating it to a closed invoice which automatically creates a credit on the account.  However, the problem with allocating the payment to a closed invoice is that when an aged arrears report is run the credit shows up against the closed invoice.


Wouldn't it be better for the credit to sit on the account but not to be allocated to any open or closed invoice?  So, in the receive payments screen there could be a flag, or similar, to allocate payment to the account but not to a particular invoice.


 "Receive Payment from Customer Without Allocating to an Invoice"


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    The process around receding money from a sales customer, before an invoice has been raised, needs improving in my view. I have several clients who need to process receipts, within Sales, before an invoice has been raised. It isn't practical to raise an order first. I know in theory you can apply receipts against a closed invoice, but the system will only let you apply one amount in this way. It would be so much better if you could just accept receipts against a sales customer and the system would create a credit item each time, for applying against a sale later. Because I have to use Quickbooks for another client, I know that this is possible in Quickbooks and it works really well.
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    I also had issues with this problem.


    I could not however get it to allocate next to another invoice as essential would not allow. I ended up researching on the forum and it was suggested that I create a dummy invoice with a dollar value to then be able to allocate the customer payment to. This seems awful messy. I too am wondering whether there is a more logical way. There seems to be a few issues with essential. I am hitting walls with small transaction allocations that should be simple but are taking 40 minutues plus to work out.