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10 years ago

Recurring Transactions: Bulk update of User ID

We have approximately 600 recurring transactions, which I would like to transfer from one user ID to another, prefereably NOT one at a time, apparently that is not possible - although it should be.


The other solution I had for this problem was to change the user ID name to the other staff member so that all of the recurring transaction reminders would go to them, but this is apparently also not possible.


Perhaps even if I could print a list of WHO the recurring transaction reminders go to, it would make it easier to go through all 600 transactions one at a time and, transfer them across and mark them off, but there doesn't seem to be any way of getting this information either.


Epic fail MYOB - particularly after I had to spend 30 mintues on hold before I could get through to support to be told that none of this was possible.  Waste of support fees.


 "Recurring Transactions - User ID"


  • Status changed:

    Hi MiAccounts 

    Thank you for your idea in regards to recurring transactions in AccountRight.

    As a recurring transactions is not 'transaction' until its recorded you wouldn't be able to export out so you can update the recurring transactions in bulk.

    I would encourage other users that would like to an option where you can update a recurring transaction schedule in bulk to vote and comment if required for this idea 

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    do a dummy run-(fake)

    export out

    prepare all you need from exported file


    cancel the dummy run transactions or import negative of dummy run to clear it.

  • Hi marki

    Thank you for your feedback and possible workaround.

    In theory your workaround would work. However as you are unable to export out the recurring part of the transaction i.e. the recurring schedule you would manually have to save the transaction as a recurring transaction and reset that up after importing the recurring transactions.

  • I believe there should be a way to change the user alerts in bulk, I also have a large number that I need to update and it is archaic to think I have to do this individually.


    I also agree that you should be able to change the title of a user account, but believe that that would not resolve the current issue.

    I am guessing that this is not a priority for MYOB as this has been up since 2015, but would love it if it could be rectified.