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10 years ago

Recurring Transactions: Option to retain blank account lines


Saving a recurring transactions in the new AccountRight with blank lines will remove those line once recalled.

In Plus when you setup a recurring journal with numerous lines & ticked the "save my changes box" all lines were available the next time you wished to record that entry. When you called it up again & added new lines & left some amounts blank (never needed that account line that period), the following month when you wanted to use it, all the lines were present [ie the new accounts added as well as account lines that were zero prior period]  All good.  comes along Account Right in Cloud & this DOES NOT work.  If in month 1 you had a jornal with 10 account codes & amounts, Month 2 all 10 are there for use, but if in month 2 you add 2 lines & have zero against 3 lines/account codes, when you want to use it in month 3, those account lines with zero in month 2 have "fallen off" the recurring jnl. 

Developers NEED to gives us back the same functionality we had in Plus for these recurring journals  


"Recurring transactions"


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    Thank you for your feedback MpoweredSuper 

    Thank you for your suggestions, we're always looking to improve workflow in AccountRight. We are getting more functions upgraded and slowly adding back in some of the features of the V19 software. 


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  • Could not agree more.   Same problem exists with the non-cloud version of Accountright Standard.   Did not have this problem with MYOB Premier.

    Note to MYOB - PLEASE can you fix this. 


    I understand that different versions of MYOB have different modules (eg with/without Payroll, with/without Inventory, with/without Foreign Currency, etc).   But for the "core" modules and "core" functions, they should all work in the same way with the same level of functionality.   It is not an "upgrade" of a functionality that we are requesting, simply asking for features which have been REMOVED in this version Accountright to be re-instated. 


    This is a flaw in the specs and design of Accountright, and it should be addressed and fixed rather than relying on sufficient numbers of users "voting" on it before it is addressed. Thank you.



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    I want to set up a recurring journal entry as a shell with nil amounts to be entered daily as the amounts will vary from day to day. I have been unable to do this without entering a dollar amount.  To overcome this problem I have entered one dollar on each line and have to over-write this each day, that is not entirely satisfactory.  I am able to set up recurring spend money transactions with nil amounts, is there a way to do this with a journal entry?