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12 years ago

Recurring Transactions: Quick access to record top 10 recurring transactions

This was originally suggest by me about....6 years ago.


There should be an option to have 10 or so HOTKEYS that you could assign your TOP 10 Recurring Transactions to


This would save time  chopping and changing from SPEND MONEY to RECEIVE MONEY etc as they could all just be down the Right hand side of the Screen and could be adjusted  / modified by the user at any time.


Even a right mouse click option to access would be acceptable  if there is no room on the screen.


"TOP 10 Recurring Transactions'


  • I have a lot of recurring transactions that happen in a row when I am inputting data. I was hoping you could find a button eg F1 or have a one mouse click field  that could bring the same transaction up straight away without having to search fopr it in the recurring transaction window as I have a lot of recurring transactions. 





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      Hi Bronob 

      Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum.

      My selection method is resonably simple; see image below:-

      Recurring Transaction - Selection Method.jpg