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12 years ago

Recurring Transactions: Sales - Won't allow account number to be re-selected

I've been testing the use of recurring invoices in AR2012 (not live), with easy-fill switched off, following a suggestion about making list selections easier, which it does.


I have tested a professional and service invoice layout in Clearwater.


(1) In both cases, after "using" the recurring sales invoice, which has one transaction line and amount, when I tab across to the account number field, if I then type a number the list flashes up very briefly if at all, and the cursor moves to the amount field.


Compare this to a regular sales invoice where the account number list is displayed in response to typing a number in the field.


The only way to make the list available is to use the drop-down arrow. Could this behaviour (of the recurring invoice) be corrected?



(2) This ought to be a separate topic, but it's related; I also notice that for a recurring invoice with a header line at the top, when tabbing through the fields to start editing text, the header text does not get highlighted, so it appears as though editing is not permitted. Actually it can be edited, but you have to 'know' when the cursor is 'on' the field.


Compare this behaviour to a detail line, where the detail text is highlighted in blue when the cursor arrives on it. Could this behaviour (of the recurring invoice) be corrected?


 "Recurring invoice won't allow account number to be re-selected"


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    (3) Another minor issue I have noticed is that after recording a recurring invoice, the fields do not get fully cleared, I am left with the customer, date and customer po number. I then see a message asking for confirmation to Erase or Cancel this transaction.

  • Hi Mike - have just used a recurring entry myself and was wondering how to explain what was going on. Old version if you deleted the Item Number and down-arrowed, it used to delete the complete line automatically - now it leaves data in the ship and description fields and I have to manually right-click (here goes this mouse thing again) on the Item Number (only - not anywhere in the line like the old version) and choose delete line.


    Frustrating! so yes, there needs to be some more user-friendly changes.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    In AccountRight 2017.1, when using a recurring invoice and you are entering an account number the account selection list will be displayed on screen for the user to select the account, similar to that of entering 'normal' invoices.