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12 years ago

Report: Job [Budget Analysis] - Date range for actuals

Please would you bring back the pitiful functionality we had with Jobs & Budgets!  There is no date parameter with the reporting facility for Budgets for Jobs!  In previous versions, we were able to compare Monthly & YTD budget & actual & now this is impossible.  Please don't make me have to set up the "mother of all spreadsheets" & faff around!


"Jobs Budgets Reporting - both Live & AR 2012 - No date parameters - Please can we have them back!"

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  • Currently the Jobs Budget Analysis report picks up all transactions coded to the job. It would be useful to be able to select a date range for the actuals - e.g. a quarter or a six month period, that could then be compared to the full budget.


    "Jobs Budget Analysis - date delimitation"