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12 years ago

Report: Job [Budget Analysis] - Show account numbers

PLEASE include an option to display account codes on job budgets. it is beyond painful to have to do it manually


"Job Budgets to include Account Code Option"


  • If you can't wait for MYOB to do this, have a look at Calxa Premier. We have some very flexible reporting on job budgets, including account numbers. You can easily enter and manage monthly  job budgets in Calxa as well. There's a free trial available at

    Unfortunately we can only support MYOB versions up to 19.8 at this stage - support for AR 2012 will come early in the New Year




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  • Hi,


    Not sure if I should start a new thread for this one.


    We're running the latest AccountRight Plus AUS 2017.1.0. There is no option to add the account number to this report.


    Will this option be added or is there a work around for this?



  • Absolutely agree. So frustrating not being able to include account codes in this report.