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6 years ago

Report: Payroll Tax - Filter by certain employees

Just a suggestion....it would be extremely helpful if you were able to filter the Payroll Tax report for certain employees.  In NSW we have to separate apprentice wages and also interstate wages.  Currently the Payroll Tax report only gives you totals for all the employees so then you need to do another 2 or 3 reports to obtain the separate details for apprentices and interstate wages.  Any chance this can be integrated into MYOB at some stage?


"Payroll Tax"


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    Hi DiBird - welecome to the Community Forum.


    For special reporting needs, you can use Custom Fields and Custom Lists.


    In AccountRight, Cards and Items can each have up to 3 custom fields added.

    For an employee who's an apprentice, you can add a custom field name "Apprenticeship Year".

    Then, create a custom list called "Apprentices - By Year Level"


    See these Support Notes - Custom Card fields , Custom Item Fields and Custom ListsCustom Item Lists


    You may like to get help from a local MYOB Advisor who can can quickly help you, at little or no cost.


    Note: Custom fields and lists can make AccountRight powerful.

    Example -An engineering firm who approached me for help.

    They recondition electric motors for mining companies, 

    and wanted to track each motor's serial number, power consumption rating (kw/hr) and warranty expiry date.

    I created custom item fields and lists, to track this info.


    Kym Yeoward, CPA & MYOB Advisor

    Darwin (Palmerston)


    CC Steven_M