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12 years ago

Report: Profit & Loss [Budget Analysis] - Show month by month values

My Board of Management request a Profit & Loss with Budget Analysis and YTD figures every month.  Currently I need to send to XL and spend the day cutting and pasting as I have five separate businesses to complete this report for.  I would love to see this report in Account Right Live.  I was hoping when I recently upgraded to Account Right Live 2012 that I would be able to create this report, but no such luck.






  • I think it would be a good idea to have a profit & loss report where you can view the following information all on one report:


    1. Profit & loss actual versus budget for the selected month

    2. Profit & loss Year to Date

    3. Profit & loss Budget Yeat to Date


    Currently I have to print 3 separate reports in MYOB, download to excel and then combine the 3 reports.

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      In the Reports section, is it possible for the P&L report to have ALL the following fields available to be selected as columns:


      Actual - Current Month

      Actual - Year to Date

      Budget - Current Month

      Budget - Year to Date

      Last Year - Current Month

      Last Year - Year to Date


      At present if I want to get a report that compares current month and year to date to the budget, I have to print 2 seperate reports of extract and manipulate in excel.

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        Hi Dannad,


        If MYOB does not let you generate the report you need, feel free to go to our website and downlaod our BudgetLink tool. It comes with a free version (yes Free as in 0$) which can solve 90% of the simple problems MYOB users experience when it comes to reporting.


        There are also higher-end versions which are paid, but for what you need, the free version would do.


        It would plug right in, and be able to download the info from your MYOB (or Quickbooks or Xero) data file.


        Best of luck.

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      I agree with your suggested reports coming as a "standard" report in the software - I have voted for it.

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      I need a report that shows the month actual & month budget figures as well as YTD Actual & YTD Budget. I have to export two reports to excel and cut & past them together. Mistakes can happen in the cut & paste! Please put this report into your next release.

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        Hi GKO,


        I work for a third-party addon developer that can produce exactly the report you need using your data in MYOB. The addon in question is called BudgetLink. What's more, there is a FREE edition and i believe this may be all you need. 


        You can head over to our website to find out more about it.


        I hope it helps.



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    In Account Right Enterprise you can enter a budget amount against each general ledger account, however the only P&L Budget Analysis Report lists the whole P&L in one report for selected months. What would be a great idea is to be able to select an individual general ledger account for a specified date range and report actual vs budget expenditure against it. This is such a simple modification as all the data is already there. It would be extremely helpful for organisations with many cost centres as you could then run a tailored budget analysis for any dept.

    Could the MYOB Technical people please confirm that all that is needed is a simple modification to the P&L Budget Analysis Report to enable the selection of individual general ledger accounts ?

    Thank you 

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      You might like to look at two excellent add-ons that significantly boost AccountRight reporting  -  see for Calxa Premier (for non-profits) and Calxa Express (for small businesses). Calxa's Account Analysis report provides this info. Also see - they have many custom reports.


      Alternatively, you could export the report to Excel (see the arrow above Run Report) and use it's grouping feature, to hide the accounts you don't want to show.


  • There are addon solutions that do exactly this.  Am not sure MYOB will be able to do what you want (even thought it would be nice).

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    Yes - we need this too!  How many people have to ask for it before MYOB provides it?

  • P&L Budget Analysis format is good but it does single month or YTD total only - I would find extremely useful, the format of the multi-period that has actuals vs budget on a monthly phased view with a variance analysis avilable for monthly, quarterly, and YTD or options of any of those combinations.  LAso option of actual this yer vs last year or all of the above - this year, budget, last year


  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    The Profit & loss report available in the AccountRight browser interface allows the user to compare that report to their budgets entered through that interface. You can compare the values on a monthly basis if required.