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9 years ago

Reports: Sale reports based on Sate or Postcodes

Dear MYOB,


Please please please create an option to run a sales report by state or postcode.


Even if it includes a full address then we can sort them in excel.


It is crazy thta the only work around to this is to create an identifier for each customer. This is such a time consuming process to set up and can easily lead to errors by an identifier not being set for a customer.


Please please do this urgently.





"Sales report to include state or postcode"


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    Couldn't agree more - amazing that something like this isnt standard! Please MYOB make it so.....


    Have worked out a fix however which is a bit fidly but it works when your database isn't too big:


    Head to the GIS Customers report in the SALES section, then chose a date range (small if you datefile is big!), then export to EXCEL. Copy and paste the columns you need (use paste special and only the values) into a new file, then highlight all and click on the DATA button on top then Advanced Filter then 'Unique Records Only' . Copy & paste the results again (just the values) and sort away from there.


    Sounds a bit difficult but its not too hard.


    But its crazy there isn't a report already that lets you do this..... 



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    This has been asked for numerous times... any updates?