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8 years ago

Reports: Salesperson Gross profit margin

We compensate our Sales team with a base salary, car, mobile phone, laptop and several other tools to help them. However, we also want to pay them a bonus based on their Sales Gross Margin made in each month. I am unable to do this with MYOB and yet it would be such a simple thing to create withing the system. Could the team at MYOB look into this please? Neill Barrell (MYOB user since 1991)


"Gross Margin per Salesperson"


  • Hi Neil


    I saw your post today and I'm currently having a look at your issue as I think I can do this report for you with just simple export of data to Excel (No additional tools or expensive addons required).

    I have managed to isolate the different components required and sorted the data.


    By the looks of it I can do a Gross Profit by SalesPerson, Customer or Item - or multiple combinations of these as well.


    Let me know if you would like to have a look at it for me - I will need someone to test it for me...


    Matt Jones

    MYOB Reporting Expert

    AccountingPower Pty Ltd

    07 3102 8360

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