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9 years ago

Reports: Simple data table format reports

It would be a real time saver if MYOB reports such as the "Account Transaction" and "payroll category transaction" reports were also available in simple data table format.

By this I mean that they don't subtotal by the first column, but just repeat the item down the rows.

This would enable the tables to be easily exported to excel and its powerful Pivot table function.

I imagine this would be a really simple option to add in.

These are really good reports, but at present I spend a lot of time manually converting the reports in excel to data table format.

I have looked at the ODBC driver, but the 64bit/32bit problem raises its head.

If there is a work around please let me know.




"MYOB Reports in Data Table format"





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    Hi Mike_McG



    I think a big problem here is that most of the fields in the datafile are text and not numbers - it cuases serious grief when importing. Not so much exporting as a text that looks like a number gets treated as one.


    Just look at how MYOB handles GST and rounding to get a grip on the problem.


    The Doc

  • HI Mike


    You can do this using Excel, regardless of 32/64 bit - you just have to know how to do it.


    Shoot me an email to matt@accountingpower.com.au with the specific issue that you have using the ODBC driver and the actual 32/64 bit problem you have and I'll create a short video for you to show you how to do it.


    Its just super easy once you know how.


    Matt Jones


    Advanced Reporting for MYOB - Made Super Easy


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