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9 years ago

Sales: Ability to set a default form for invoices and another for quotes

I would like to set one default form for an Item Quote, and a separate default form for an Item Invoice.


In other words:

We have 2 Form Templates - one for quotes - lets call this one "QuoteFormat", and another for invoices - lets call this one "InvoiceFormat". These forms are slightly different

At the moment we have the default set as "QuoteFormat" so that every Item sale by default prints/emails using the "QuoteFormat". Every time we have to send an invoice we need to change the form to "InvoiceFormat". This requires [unnecessary] extra clicks, it's easy to forget to do this, and certainly slows the process down - I use the latest AccountRight Live (2015.2) so it is often quite slow to display the list of available forms.


An additional important benefit to this would be the ability to use the "Save to Disk" feature on Invoices - which CANNOT select a custom form other than the default (Crazy, right??)


If anyone has any ideas, please post them :smileyhappy: 


"Separate default forms for (item) Quotes and Invoices"


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    please provide the ability to choose different templates for quotes and invoices in the customer card file.


    some information needed on quotes is not needed on invoices and vice versa. 


    for example there is only the field printed form file which links to a template for that customer.


    can you make one for quotes and another for invoices?


    "different quote and invoice templates in customer card, selling details, printed form field"








  • Hi

    For a business that uses several invoice templates and each depends on the type of work being done eg different items - it would be great to not have so many key stroke to change the invoice template.

    For example at present this particular company has :


    And each time there is a new client the invoice/quote is chosen depending on what is required,

    It is very time consuming to not be able to easliy access the range of templates quickly. 

    We have to save the quote/invoice then go to Sales ->Print Email / Invoices ->Choose "To be Printed/To Be emailed-> click ok to Answer"OK" to question (You will lose any changes to the Emails not in the filtered list.Do you want to continue?)->Go into "Advanced Filters"->click ok to Answer"OK" to question (You will lose any changes to the Emails not in the filtered list.Do you want to continue?)->Drop down "Select Form for Sale"->USE->OK

    Then when an Invoice or Quote is being saved to pdf on external drive or folder the default is aways the "INV" prefix even if it is a quote. Would be great if depending on the form used the automatic prefix is "INV or QUO" depending on the form.



    When entering new Sales have a drop down to chose all templates on the right of the screen and that remains the default for that quote or invoiceCapture2.JPG

    It would certainly save alot of time.





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      Hi Flourish 

      Thank you for idea on the AccountRight Live program and invoice selection.

      I would encourage others that would like to see an option to select the form used on the Enter Sales screen to vote and comment if required.

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      Today I needed to change the form I use for a Service Sales Invoice, something I am going to need to do very often in the future.


      It is so difficult to find / hidden that I had to ask a MYOB support agent to find it! I had to go to the Sales Command Centre, then click on Print/Email Invoices, then on Advanced Filters... and only I could select my default invoice!


      Please add this feature to the Sales - Edit window so it can be selected on the fly. It needs to work for print, preview, email, send to disk etc



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        I found it easier to customize a new invoice to suit and save it under a different name in your Index to reports.  

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    Hello G_I


    Thank you for the great suggestion for the default quote and invoice settings. We are always wanting new ways to make MYOB more user friendly. I believe this will be a great future to have in future upgrades.


    If you would like to see feature in future upgrades please comment and post.

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    +1 for this, it would be really handy for us and eleviate having to use 3rd party .pdf printers that do not output the same .pdf as MYOB would do.



  • Hi Morgan_59

    Thank you for your enquiry in regards to the status of this idea.

    Currently this idea has been marked as under consideration as something that we are still looking into for future updates of the program. At this point in time we don't have a time frame for when this idea will be marked as in development and implemented into the program. However in saying that we are still encouraging clients that would like to see this idea added to vote, and comment if required, for this idea.

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    I'm still hoping for this. Has there been any further developments?

  • I think this would bea great IDEA!!! any idea on how long MYOB will take to implement this? As i see this was suggested saome time ago

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    I would like to set a default form for Customer Orders as well if the above feature is implemented.

  • I agree this is very annoying, the only way to save a quote on a quote form is to email to to myself selecting the quote form, and them saving it from the email.  It's not very efficient and still leaves room for error.  I vote for a change to this too.