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3 years ago

Sales: Ability to set up direct debit for exact amount of invoice



It would be extremely helpful if MYOB had a direct debit option available for payment of invoices that have already been created for the exact amount of the invoice. For example, the way that Telstra or Sydney Water direct debits for their invoices.

We import our information from another system and then email the clients their invoice. However with the new direct debit feature that has recently been released, you can only set up a set amount every week, fortnight, month, etc, but MYOB then creates an additional invoice for the payment to be applied to. 

I already have the invoices created, we just need the direct debit option to be available for clients to have their invoices deducted from their accounts.

At the moment I will be manually going back and deleting the invoices created by MYOB, as being paid is more important than having an extra invoice.


"Direct Debit for exact amount of invoice"

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