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10 years ago

Sales: Automatically add Salesperson to invoice based on User ID logged in


With regards to using the "Salesperson" Name- Is it possible to:


Regarding Invoices:

  • Have a default setting that allows whoever is logged on to be automaticaly populated into "Salesperson" where the Customer Card field is not filled.
  • Tag only Sales Staff to appear on invoices- I do not want Admin Staff or Workshop staff to appear in the list to make it easier to quickly select the right person.
  • Have it so we can choose only the person's first name, and not surname?
  • Have the option to use the Employee's ID, rather than the Name?

Regarding Purchases:

  • Have the option to put the Purchaser's name or ID on an order?

"Employee's names on Invoices and Orders"

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    Thanks for the excellent suggestion OLKroozer. When raising an idea on our idea exchange, please include only one suggestion as this will allow our developers to tell what the people voting on your idea are voting for and implement the changes that are wanted. Any users who would like the to be able to associate logins with employee records, and have the salesperson field default to the person logged on, please cast your vote here.