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Sales: Convert Invoice to Orders to Quotes

We have been using Premier for many years beccause of the Mutlicurrency and Inventory/Autobuild features which are very important for a manufacturer. We are using Premier v12.

It should be possible to convert Invoices to Orders, and Orders to Quotes ie to reverse the normal conversion due to changes.

"Convert Invoices to Orders, and Orders to Quotes"


  • Hi

    I'm running AccountRight Plus and before I upgraded to the online version I use to be able to convert a invoice to a quote.

    I know that this might seem a bit strange as usually it goes to other way, however some times when I go to create a quote it default to invoice creation and that is not the way I use to be.

    All my work is from quoted work that I quote in the first place and since the default when creating an invoice is an invoice and not a option of either and I have to remember to change to quote, I often create the quote as an invoice and there is now no way to convert to a quote. I have to retype it again and some of my quote can be lengthy and this takes some time.


    "Change invoice to quote"


    I would appreciate it if you would be able to have a look into this matter as I'm sure that there are others there at would like it to be the way that it use to in this regard




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      A work-around could be to save the invoice as recurring, then enter a new quote using the recurring  transaction to create a new quote. You can then delete the invoice. 

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      I agree that it would be good to have the option and feel your pain when you create a lengthy invoice that should be a quote.


      The easiest way to fix this now is to...


      1. Open the Invoice and select Create Recurring Transaction.

      2. Either from Lists ~ Recurring Transactions or from New Purchase, select the recuring transaction.

      3. It will open up as the oroginal recurring transaction i.e. Invocie but at this point you can then change it to a Quote or an Order before saving.

      4. Don't forget to delete your original invoice created and delete the recurring transaction from your list.


      Yes this would affect many so the above solution will help all those that share your pain.

  • Hi,


    It would be really handy if you could change an invoice back to an order.  Once in invoice to be able to right click or go up to edit - change to order.

    We use ServiceM8 as our partner software program and when approving invoices in here, it automatically goes to invoices in MYOB but if we aren't ready to invoice, this becomes very confusing especially at tax time.


    Is there any possibility this can be added as a new feature.

  • Thank you for your idea.  You can easily change an invoice to order or quote by saving the invoice as recurring.  This will allow you to create a new transaction using the recurring template where you will be able to specify it as an order or quote.  


    You can then delete or reverse the original invoice which was create in error.