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5 years ago

Sales: Don't generate a separate invoice for finance charge

I don't know if this has been suggested...we charge a credit card surcharge (and not had any backlash from customers) and every time I need to add a credit card surcharge I have to amend the invoice by adding the surcharge to the invoice (which has already been printed and recorded) and then record the payment for the full payment amount - in previous versions of AccountRight I could simply record the payment and the credit card surcharge would be recorded as a finance charge against that particular invoice. If I attempt to do that now AccountRight creates a new invoice just for the surcharge component and it doesn't apply against the particular invoice for which the payment was recorded. This feature was working well and it was changed when AccountRight underwent it's major facelift - any change this feature can be reinstated to save ridiculous amounts of time going back and forth to add a credit card surcharge? Especially when an invoice is paid after the end of month and a separate invoice MUST be raised purely to record the credit card surcharge?

"Finance charge for credit card surcharge - NOT having to raise a separate invoice for each charge"

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