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Sales: Income Account set in Customer card to apply to item invoices

Hi team,


Currently, the Income Account is defined at the Item level. This means that the sale of any particular Item can only be posted against one pre-defined Income Account, irrespective of who the Item is sold to.


Our Item Inventory is sold to numerous domestic distributors, export agents and some direct to retail customers. Income Accounts are grouped such that domestic distributors, export agents and direct retail customers are each distinct.


The available work-arounds are:


1) set up multiple versions of each Inventory Item, so that they are allocated an appropriate Income Account -- this doesn't work for us as our production process generates a quantity of items which are recorded as Inventory, and then the sales process determines where they are sold to; we don't necessarily know who we are selling to when we manufacture the Items.

2) for each sale, prior to raising the invoice, manually update the Income Account of the Item to reflect where it is being sold to, then change it back -- this process is time consuming, cumbersome and prone to mistakes.

3) journal to achieve the right value in right Income Account -- as per work-around 2, this process is time consuming, cumbersome and prone to mistakes.


Suggested change:

Allow the Income Account to be set at the Customer level, rather than the Item level, so that a sale to a particular customer will determine which Income Account the sale is posted to.




'Income Account to be associated with Customer rather than Item"


  • Hi Josh,


    I can fully understand your request however am guessing that the vast majority of businesses will need to record the GL account based on the type of items not customer.


    I am guessing you need to split your sales in this manner by the customer type due to different tarrif or alcohol tarif calculations??


    Can I suggest that if you report your item sales based on Customer Groupings (using the Customer Custom fields) you would be able to achive the result you are looking for and also still be able to see the Items being bought.


    You may need to use one of the Add on Advanced reporting solutions to get  exactly what you need, see:


    As an example using Business Intelligence for MYOB, if you were to use a Custome List to allocate each Customer the Customer Type then you would be able to report your P&L in the following collumns for any given date range:

                                                        Qty   $Sales    $COGS       $Profit      Margin%

    - Domestic distributors   - 

    - Export agents

    - Drect retail customers


    From there you could Filter or drill down to get the break down of Customers and or Items in each grouping Export etc.


    I can't add an excel example to this post however you can see in our Online User Help how easy this is to do and the results you could get.  



    We have a number of Wineries and Acholol distributors using our software to help with their liquor reporting requirements.


    I hope this helps, all details are on our website at or call on 02 8912 4120.


    Jennifer Kelly CA

    Business Intelligence for MYOB


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    Thanks for your suggestion. So that we can get an idea of the popularity of this request, if you would also like to be able to record item sales with the income account based on customer selected, please vote for this idea here.

  • Hi MDBrewery 

    Thank you for your enquiry into your idea. Currently the idea is still under consideration.

    The normal process for an Idea posted on Ideas Exchange would go through a few stages. We would mark the post as "Under Consideration" and encourage users to vote and comment for this idea. If the idea does generate a number of votes and comments we mark it has high demand meaning we will investigate and attempt to implement that idea ahead of other ideas with lesser demand.

    As of 15/01/2015 the idea exchange have had 63 ideas implemented from it and some of the ideas have been marked as Planned.

    As to a timeframe, we can't give an exact one for the ideas posted on the Ideas Exchange as we do need to assess each idea and the demand for that usage before implementing it into the product road map.

  • We are a wine producer and have the same requirement. We have to report sales  by customer group ie Retail, Wholesale, Distributor, Export so we can correctly calculate and report on the Wine Equalisation Tax (WET) when we prepare our quarterly BAS statement