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11 years ago

Sales: Invoices yet to be printed/sent

Our current list of invoices yet to printed also include invoices which have been sent directly to the customer via the "Send To- Email" function.


As all customer have the invoice delivery method of "To be Printed" I see that there may be an issue with the crossover but can there be a function to see a list of all invoices that are yet to the sent/printed?




  • Status changed:
    Hi Studio04 Thanks for the feedback I have tested that when you send an invoice using the Send to Disk function it doesn't update the invoice delivery status. This is due to the fact that the Invoice delivery status is designed to reflect the change in the Print/Email Invoice window. I do agree with you a list of invoices that have been sent or printed via the Sales screen but haven't been printed or sent via the software would make customer invoicing easier. If you would like to see this included in future releases of the program do please vote and comment if requird.
  • Even if this could just change the "invoice Delivery Status" field to show this has been sent that would be enough to ensure none are missed or not sent twice.