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Sales: Item's Cost Price on Enter Sales scren

My business is primarily boat engine servicing and parts supplies. Labour and parts used on the job do not need to be price sensitive to compete against other businesses so retail prices are used most of the time.




We also retail outboard motors which are generally sold as a repower package and contain many options configured in our quote to suit the customers boats requirements. We compete against other outboard dealers (same brand) and also dealers (of other brands).


My idea would be an improvement to the Sales Quote and Order screens


1. A cost price column added so we can see how far down we can go with our discounts.

2. A per line, over-writeable markup field %

3. A per line, over-writeable margin field %

4. A field displaying the overall markup(non-overwriteable)

5. A field displaying the overall margin (non-overwriteable)




These options are standard in EXO and are brilliant for maintaining consistentcy when pricing.


Come on folks - PLEASE VOTE



Bella Marine - Geelong


"Cost prices on Quotes and Sales Orders"


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    Add in the buy price field so this can be viewed when quoting so a calculation on selling price can be made quickly where required. Obvisouly this field is not shown on the quote form when sent to the customer.

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      Show the base buy price in a quote so it can be seen only on screen when working out end prices. Also it would be nice if there was a colum that showed the profit in the quote screen where it uses the price in the price column and the base buying price.

  • we should be able to view the cost of a product in the sales screen to view the margin made. If i want to reduce the RRP of a product I cant see the cost unless I go back into the inventory screen.


    I have a product that varies in cost between jobs. I need to be able to alter the "cost" price in the sales screen and alter the RRP but the system doesnt allow for that to happen. Meaning when I do my EOFY report my material costs and income wont give a reflect true profits made.


    So frustrating!

  • Hi MTF18

    Thank you for your idea.

    I've merged your idea with this one already included on the AccountRight Idea Exchange.

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    Now that the standard cost is used in purchase orders/invoices, it finally has some meaning for us multi-currency users.  Prior to this it was a useless field.  However, I now need it to appear in the Items List window, so I can instantly see what the supplier cost is and hence whether there has been a price increase by the supplier.  I realise it's on the Buying tab, but it's very time consuming having to drill into the item to view the standard price.  We have 5,000 products!