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10 years ago

Sales: Option to add standard text to invoice description



I would like to be able to right click and add standard info to proffessional and service invoices.  We have serveral clients who own more than one building or level and we put this at the top of every invoice in descritpion as a header.  These deatials are site name, address etc and we have to copy and paste into the invoice from spread sheet.


We would find it convient if you could right click, like you would to add a headed to add a custom list save to customer file.

"Right click to add label in invoicing"


  • Status changed:

    Thank you for the idea. Unfortunately, this request has had no support from the community since it was submitted, so we are moving this idea to the Archived status. For more information on Idea Statuses, please read this article: Changes to our Idea Exchange pages

  • Within the "Enter Sales" window, we are enquiring about a drop down box in the "Description" field option. Currently the only drop down box is in the "Item Number" field.  Is it possible to have an update that includes a drop down box in the next "Description" field please?