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10 years ago

Sales: Pop-up notification to indicate payment is due when invoice is recorded (COD/Prepaid terms)

Hi we have many customers with different trading terms.  Is it possible to have a pop up flag to come up when creating invoices for customers with COD or Prepaid trading terms, to ensure payment is organised prior to shipment?



"pop up flag for COD or Prepaid customers when creating invoices"



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    Hi Daisy789 

    Thanks for the idea in regards to different payment terms. Are you able provide what program your idea relates to i.e. is it MYOB Essentials or MYOB AccountRight?

  • We are running AccountRight, but the idea would surely be as useful to all users?


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    Hi Daisy789

    Thank you for your clarification. 

    I would encourage other users that would like to see a flag/message appear when you do an invoice for a customer with COD or Prepaid terms to show their support by voting and commenting if required.