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12 years ago

Sales: Previous outstanding balance on Invoices

It would be nice if when we are creating  a new sale for a existing client that has a outstanding balance that the myob programe would prompt us to add the outstanding balance to the new invoice

Thanks Craig


  • I think it would be good to have an actual account balance on every invoice, rather than just on the statements.



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      I completely agree, I would like to be able to show the 'Previous Balance', 'Amount Paid', 'New Charges' and 'Current Balance' on each invoice I send out.

  • Is this possible? Can we add an aged balance to an invoice so a customer can see their running totals? Thanks

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    Hi there,


    I see this would be useful to have the current balance on the invoice. I encourage others that would like to see this feature to add your vote by clicking the +vote icon and add any comments.

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    Great idea and can't see it would be hard to introduce - just additional field on template!

  • Please implement. This is really effective way to have the balance in front of the customer at all times. They tend to ignore the statements. Please consider!!!

  • Please implement, this would really assist with debt collection.


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    Why does this not display as a warning when we start a new invoice?

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    Would it be possible to allow the Invoices sent to client to also have the option to include the total outstanding amounts of the previous invoices?


    Yes it's possible to email a Customer Statement along with an invoice. It'd be great thought to be able to also allow a new invoice to include previous outstanding amounts too.



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      I think this is a great idea and one of the main reasons why we purchased AccountRight - so we could keep track of overdue invoices but it doesn't seem to have an option to include overdue amounts on a new invoice? I would've thought this would be a standard option, instead of having to send a statement and an invoice?

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    This function would be fantastic. I regulary sent out invoices to the same client and a running balance would let clients know account balance not just invoice balance. This would elimate any confussion if an invoice is missed.

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    I was hoping the MYOB would allow me to show Account Balance and Overdues on Invoice.   after many years of manually writing down total number of cartons ordered.  I finally realised I could actually tag it , and it gets done automatically.   this has been a big time saver for me,    however,   it does not work when a customer gets a FREE ITEM  or  even worse if they get a credit it shows up with  -3333  or some outrageous total,  minor issue, but would be good if both could be fixed.   And if the Account Balances and Overdues could be tagged the same way,  that is another valuable time saving feature for me.   Hands Up and give this a big  YES  if you agree.  many thanks  Heather