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10 years ago

Sales: Print and email invoices at the same time

I think it would be a great idea to be able to select print and email for invoices/quotes as I keep a hard copy for me and send a email to my clients. The process i use aty the moment is print to record then go back into sales register reopen invoice to email

if you could add a tick box in the email section to allow to print it would be great.


thanks Chris 


"be able to print and email quotes/invoice at the same time"


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    I would like an upgrade made, that allows me to email and print an invoice at the same time, without having to reopen the invoice.

    Can this be done ?


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      Hi 7350392650 

      A possible improvent for your idea would be for MYOB to give us to have as many extra print/email/ buttons as we need so that we can customise themto give us whatever options we need 

      We should be able to select the quantity of print/email/download ( and possibly any other process for sending/recording copyies of our invoices or orders or reports or basically anything we feel works for our business)

      We should then be able to completely customise wha actions occur when that button is pressed

      For example

      You may want to print a an Office copy of the Invoice, Download a pdf backup to an offsite location, email the customer a copy of the Invoice (different format to the Office copy) and print a picking slip for the warehouse and a packing slip to go with the goods 

      This would require multiple recalls of the Invoice and reprints/downloads etc to accomplish

      very time wasting and tedious but a single programable button would make life easy 

      But this then is only the beginning because you should be able to have customised print/send buttons for each of your customers/suppliers as many of them have different requirements and these would automatically pop up when you call up a sale or purchase ( we would also need to be able to identify them with our descriptions and not PRINT 1 OR  PRINT 2). This is said so we don’t get same the issue we have with Custom Lists and Custom Fields where we give them identifiers that suit us but in the Items list they are just called Custom List 1 Custom List 2 etc ( something they can’t seem to fix or just don’t care about)

       But in reality this is just part of allowing us to customise our Sales/Purchasing/Item/EVERY screen/report.


      It all comes down to MYOB wanting to be the Business program that really helps you mind your own business and so far its not living up to its name


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      Hi There, a work around instead of hitting print / email and reopening the email is: hit print preview, hit cancel when preview option pops up, now you can email and print it all you want without it closing.




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      I do it this way:


      I have invoices set up with Invoice Delivery Status set to Both Print and Email (do this in Cards), then I have them set to be emailed automatically when recorded (under Setup - Preferences - Sales). When I'm finished all the invoicing, I go to Sales - Print/Email Invoices and do a bulk print. There really is no need to reopen each invoice.


      Also, by doing this I have different templates for the emailed invoice (goes to Accounts) and for the printed copy (which I use as the delivery docket - no pricing).

  • At the moment (V19.13) this option doesn't seem to be available.
    The option to use this in the preferences SETUP>PREFERENCES>SALES
    Only allows ONE option to be chosen.
    Even selecting this doesn't seem to work and we need to e-mail from the to be emailed section.

    Having this function would be great if it meant that invoices would be both printed & emailed upon creation.

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    When setting a customers file with options to be printed & emailed, why don't you change the settings so both happen on the one click "record". This would save heaps of time time for any user that has this requirement.
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      When setting a customers file with options to be printed & emailed, why don't you change the settings so both happen on the one click "record". This would save heaps of time time for any user that has this requirement.

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      Hi there Ken_M,


      Just to clarify, are you referring to the 'Invoice Delivery' option in the customer's card file (under Selling Details)? If so, I can see how that would certainly be a great addition for clients who are required to e-mail and print invoices, as at this stage, AccountRight only lets you select one or the other. Anyone else who would like to see this feature added into the software, please vote for this idea by clicking on the thumbs up icon.





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      Yes I am refereeing to the customer card file set up ergo you set each customer up, so MYOB either prints, emails or both does both e-mail and print from the one click "record"
  • We are being asked more frequently by customers to recieve invoices both by hard copy and email. Currently if delivery status is print and email, invoice is printed however email is batched to Review Sales before delivery. Its just another process we need to remember to send email. Should have option to automaticaly send without review step..

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      Completely agree - we are normally sending sales to a branch with an invoice to them, but emailing Head Office to get paid...

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    Thanks for your great suggestion. Anyone else who would like to be able to print or email invoices easily at the same time, please cast your vote here.

    You can vote by clicking the purple vote button on the left-hand side of the screen, just under the current number of vote. If you can’t click the vote button, you’ll need to sign in by clicking the purple sign in button in the top right-hand corner of your screen. If you post a comment, don’t forget to vote as well!

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    Wow..this was August 2014 and still not changed. If this function could be achieved, that would be great. Thanks