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7 years ago

Sales Register: Show online activity status (opened by customer or not)

It would be nice to see if you have sent an invoice, its been opened etc on the main register screen like in Essentials.


"Status of Invoice on Sales Register"


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    What I would like to see is a status column in the invoice register with the items listed below.  You open the screen see all invoice status instantly.


    This could be as simple as a flag like you do with your emails so you can see this invoice need attention.

    ---Additional information----
    I Would love to see an option of flaging emailed or sent invoices.  I find it hard to keep track of what I have sent to client especially on the road or even better if you could mark its status. Ie works in progress, Ready to be sent, emailed etc


    This would avoid having to CC myself into the sending of the invoice but I would love if you could BCC or CC people in the office on invoices for processing or auto print email setup for hard copy records.


    Not sure if the new fix does this but you cant save to your disk on your custom template, have to print as pdf as my template.

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      Hello Davis,

      What you are after is already in MYOB as long as you have it setup correctly.

      Firstly open the Customer Card & go to the Selling Details tab.

      In the Invoice Delivery box select' To be Emailed'


      Now when you prepare a new invoice the delivery status will show this.


      If you use the Print/Email Invoices button only those not yet sent will display by default. You can use the Advanced Filters to see them all if you wish. When you send the email the Status will change to Already sent.

      This will also appear if you email direct from the invoice screen.




      I hope this is what you are after.



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      Hi Davis 

      Thank you for your idea in regards to invoice process and emailing.

      As indicated by David_Cree the Invoice Delivery may do what you are requiring for invoice process. However do let us know if you think that this is not what you are after.

      In regards to CC or BCC users into emails, while its not a direct CC you can include multiple email addresses when emailing invoices and purchase. To do this go to Sales>>Sales register>>Select your invoice>>Select the Send to button (top of the window) and select Email. In the To field you can add in multiple email address using the ; after each address or just selecting the To button and then picking the email address from the list.

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      This some what does what I would like to do.  We some times only do a rough hours and materials info on the invoice then pretty it up in the office at a later date, this occurrs on jobs with a lot of materials etc and the customer requires it to be itemised.  I can't easily see which ones need to be still edited.


      At least now I can select this box to bring up invoices to e emailed.

  • The one thing that drives me nuts is that I can never see quickly which Invoices or Quotes have been sent out. 


    When I click on


    Sales ------> Sale Register -----> Quotes/Order/Invoices


    In the end column, I have "Promised"


    I would love to have that column be "sent" Or "Email Sent" 


    Anything to show easily that the email has been sent. 


    Would be great to have the date it was sent. 


    If it's not sent just blank. 


    Would be amazing if it was Green for sent and Red for not sent. 


    Instead of opening the Quote or Invoice and looking as the status down the bottom.