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Sales: Use separate invoice number for credit notes



I have been posting a payment into our MYOB and applying the rebate/discount as well on the "Received Payment" tab. In doing this, MYOB then assigned the invoice number for the Rebate/Discount generated. The problem is, its assigning the last invoice number we have in the system. Our Invoices are being uploaded from a separate system and this becoming an issue as once we do the upload, its excluding from our system as the invoice number has already been used.


For example, the last invoice uploaded from our system to MYOB is 820000. Once I have received the payment and post them in MYOB with the rebate, MYOB would then assigned the rebate as inv 820001. On my next invoice upload, our system would generate inv 820001. Then MYOB would reject them as it was already been pre-assigned in the Rebate/discount. This is a pain as I have to manually change the invoice numbers so the right invoice numbers from our system would then be accepted by MYOB and would not be treated as duplicate.


Any suggestions on this to avoid manual processing.






"Assigned sequence invoice number for credit note"

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