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9 years ago

Sales: View and accept quotes online

Firstly thanks MYOB for the latest update with online invoicing.


I am wondering if it would be possible to extend this feature to online quote roll out. For me this would be a very exciting feature, and much more valuable than online invoicing (although this is also a good step).

As many may be aware there are several popular platforms which allow you to send a link to your customers so they can view your quote. Quoteroller by PandaDoc is one such service. The only reason I have not started using a service like this is because I don't want to enter quotes into two systems.


Basically your customer is presented with a quote online and if they want to proceed they are required to view and accept your terms and conditions, which is recorded as a legal contract. I think this would be an invaluable feature which would make it so much easier to trade on your terms and prove that your customers have been informed of your terms and conditions of sale.


If the pay now feature similar to invoicing was also used to ask the customer to make a deposit/down payment in order to proceed with works, this would be an added bonus. (I am a trade contractor with most jobs valued between $1000-$3000 and low margins so I never proceed without a deposit)


I really think this would be a huge efficiency boost for a lot of businesses, in combination with paying invoices online and automatic payment entry into MYOB, this could reduce sales workloads very significantly, as well as ensuring proper sales contracts which is often neglected by small business. (Obviously it would be up to individual businesses to write their own contracts/terms and seek legal advice regarding this. Myob would just provide the facility to click and accept the terms/quote)


Thanks for your consideration


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    Would like to be able to see if a quote has been opened once emailed, like when you email an invoice in the newest version.

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      also it would be good to be able to see what you sent in the email message. 

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    agree with all of the above. Not sure why it is not being implemented.

  • I have a new client who issues quotes and asks for a Purchase order to attach before processing an invoice. I have a couple of Customers who have not as yet replied so wanted to check in the activity on the quote to see if a purchase order was asked for in the original email sent from MYOB but Quotes do not allow you to view previous activity or notes that have been added.


    Is this something that can be resolved? At the moment you can see activity on invoices but it is important to see this on quotes that have been sent as well. I presume I will have to print the quote and scan and email to the client so that i can follow up on the email at this stage... This is not a good option as it is time consuming and not professional.

  • This morning I decided to try work out how to set this up, thinking that surely since online invoicing is possible then this would be too.

    I was disappointed to learn that it still isn't.

    I agree that online quoting would be far more beneficial than online invoicing, MYOB has funny priorities.