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10 years ago

Setup: Reduce Latency

I have read a couple of other threads concerning the latency issue encounted with AR Live.  It appears to me that with every action performed, AR is connecting to the servers to download and upload information.  Simply  inputting a sale can take an excesivley long time as the program connects to the cloud servers to get a list of items (along with ancillary information connected with that item) before you can select an item.


Once the sale is input, and the "record" button is pressed, the program uploads this information straight away - while the user sits in front of the computer like a chump not being able to do anything until the information of that sale has been uploaded.  


Wouldn't it be an easier idea to make the upload in a background thread?  Record it onto the disk first (which doesnt take long) and sync with the cloud server in the background enabling the user to continue using AR without interruption?


So my suggestion is to make the syncing a background process enabling the user to continue using the system while the upload is happening.


FYI my system is less than one year old with an i7 processor, 8gb RAM, and AR installed and working off an SSD.  We use ADSL2+ internet with only 2-3 other devices using the network at any one time. 




"Accountright Live latency issues"


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    Hi bakeryuser

    Thanks for the feedback in regards to the AccountRight program and Latency.

    I would encourage other users to vote and comment if required if they would like to see a latency bar included in the AccountRight Live program,.

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    If you're looking at keying a large batch of invoices or bills, you might want to consider switching to Offline mode, then back to Online when you've finished. Just click the button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. This will speed-up your data entry - at the cost of a minute or two whilst switching modes.

    Whilst you're Offline, other users won't be able to enter transactions, but they can still run reports (based on the ledger when you yourself went offline).