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12 years ago

Setup: Shortcut to open last recorded transaction

How many times have we recorded some info into MYOB and then realised we may have the wrong date / ledger / amount / job code etc.


By including a simple button which, when pressed, takes you immediately back to the transaction in question, the user no longer needs to create long searches to discover what or where their error is.


Quicken had this feature when I used it last a few years ago and was one of the best shortcuts you could wish for.


I can't see this being too difficult for the MYOB developers to include as a real time saving feature.


"Include a button to take you back to your last piece of processing.'

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  • Status changed:
    Thanks for the idea Growers. I can certainly see having the ability to open your last transaction at the click of a button could be a time saver. We would love to hear what other users think about this. If you would like to see this functionality or have any further ideas, please show your support with a vote or leave a comment.