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11 years ago

Spend Money: Date entry not defaulting to current month

In the new update of 2013,  now when entering spend money for last month you need to enter date and month, as if you dont enter the month ot defaults to the current month.  so when entering end of month transactions for may in the first couple of days of June, every transaction defaults to June.  Previous versions retained month of last transaction


"upgrade 2013 dates harder to enter"


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    I agree, very frustrating to change the date, and then have the month also change even if you didn't want it to.

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    Absolutely understand that this is frustrating. One suggestion as a temporary workaround is to hit the left arrow which will put focus on just the day, then when you type in the day it will not reset the month or year.
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    It's not only spend money where this problem occurs.  It also happens when entering supplier invoices.


    I wonder if the developers know how totally frustrating this sort of thing is when you have thousands of invoices and/or payments to enter every month. 


    Things haven't improved much since we all became guinea pigs for AccountRight. This was never a problem with V19 or earlier - if it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT!

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    Status changed:
    Thanks for the feedback. We updated this functionality with the release of 2013.3 to return to the original method of data entry, where entering a day won't refresh the month unless the month is explicitly changed.
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      1. In data entry the date field is "prefilled" and changing this involves enterinf day month year every time.  Ver 19 was much simpler and quicker.
      2. The trial balance should have an option to appear with Account numbers as standard (maybe even a toggle in setup), the insert modify procedure is onerous.
        I do not know of any accountant who views the TB without account numbers!