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10 years ago

Statements: Show customer balance dates based on filters

If you change the date in the emailing statement screen to a previous date (eg two days ago) the balance owed by the clients do not refresh to reflect the date of two days ago, the balance remains at todays date.  When you email the statement and they owe nothing at two days ago, then they received a blank statement, by the screen they owe money.  This is wrong, if I change dates in any other screen / area it refreshes the inforamtion to reflect the date used, why does it not do this in the statement screen.  This needs to be fixed, I can not open each client to see what the dates of invoices are.  Otherwise the option to change the date to a prior one should be taken away, you can not do it.


"Statement screen does not  reflect actual balances at the date used, they remain at todays date."


  • Hi VineyPlumbing 

    The balance listed on the screen for the customers in the print/email statements window is the balance on the card not and its not related to the statement date. The program will do this as its pulling the balance directly from the card balance and doesn't look at the statement balance to draw on for the window. This has always been the case since the conception of AccountRight. 

    What you are describing i.e. it being the balance from the statement would be considered a product enchantment and as such should be posted as an AccountRight Idea Exchange for consideration of the program development team,

  • Status changed:
    Thanks for your feedback. If others would like a change to pulling the balance from the statement rather than the card please add your votes and comments.
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    The ability to select a previous date should not be taken away but the system should work correctly.


    It is a bug if the data is not showing correctly for previous dates (regardless of whether it has always done that or not).

  • Hi Kelly81 

    Thanks for the feedback in regards to the Statement balance and voting for the above idea. 

    The balance for the customers is pulled from the card balance so that you do have an indication of what they currently owe. The idea was put forward to correct this balance listed in the window is more reflective of the balance of the card for the statement.

    The reason why it pulls from the card balance is that the program is that clients with a lot of cards it would have to look at each individual transaction for each individual customer, determine what sales are open and which ones are closed for each date range that you are inputting and the display the result. As this would have to run it for each card it could generate a long time to display the Review Statement window, whereas the current process would be to just pull from the card the balance for each card so it can display the window.

    However in saying that with this idea suggests that it would implement that change and I do encourage others to vote for the idea if they wish to see it changed.

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    Oh yes this would have been great, I have been creating a new company file and had to import everything over and could not get a list of what was owed on 1 July as transactions had been paid either on the day or the following days so I have no idea what was outstanding.

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    Hello Fiona,


    To get the information you require you should run the Sales Receivables Reconciliation Summary or Detail Report for the date 30 June 2014.


    This will give you the actual amounts outstanding on that date.




  • Yes. I'm not sure why I would want to send a customer a "blank" statement for a particular period just because it appears in the list because they have a sale after the selected date. It should only show up in the list to be sent if they have transactions up until that selected period. eg...statement date 1..12.17 - 31.12.17 should only show transactions/amounts owing up until 31.12.17 and not list the statement to be sent if the customer has a sale/order dated 4.1.18. This invoice/amount dated 1.8.18 does not show on the statement, but it appears in the list to be sent and sends them a blank $0 statement ??