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11 years ago

Taxable Payments: Bulk updating supplier cards

So we have 200+ suppliers in our building company.

I have to click card file, suppliers, and for each of the 200+ click the card, Buying details, Report on... , Ok.


I thought I'd be clever export, do it in excel, import update. BUT the field doesn't export.


Maybe next year!


Wouldn't it be great if I could just run the report and THEN select who I wanted. Just drag the mouse across a line of tick boxes.


Maybe next year.


Oh well back to clicking!


"Better way to output Taxable Payments, please."


  • Now that I have them all ticked, Some of them I will not deal with next year, I'll un-tick them in the report. but It would be nice to have a 'do not report xero amount ' button maybe next year.
  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    AccountRight 2016 allows for the user to export (and import) a supplier's card with the option for Reportable Taxable Payments to be included. For more information into bulk updating cards do please see the Help Article: Bulk update customer and supplier cards