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7 years ago
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Taxable Payments: Set Report Taxable Payments on supplier card to be Yes or No (not tickbox)

It would be great if you could change the optional tick box of "Report on taxable payments" on the supplier "Card Information" screen to a "yes/no" option instead. 


Currently I can't tell which suppliers should not be on the report vs  when one of the staff have forgotten to check the abn and determine if they should or shouldn't be on the list. For example, I had a supplier that should have been ticked but wasn't and when I looked into it, it was because one of the staff just forgot to check it after looking at the abn. These things happen and it's no ones fault, but a "yes/no" option clearly show that it has been looked at. Default the option to <nul> or <tba>...or something similar.


""Report on taxable Payments" tick box - change to yes/no"

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    Maybe later

    Hi Everyone

    Like the majority of options in AccountRight, the Report Taxable Payments option for a Supplier's card is a tickbox. If that option is to be enabled, you would need to tick that relevant box, if it is not required it would need to be unticked.

    At this stage, we don't intend to update AccountRight change those tick boxes to be yes/no radio buttons or drop-down options.