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5 years ago

Time Billing: Enter Activity Slip - Change Employee/Supplier on recorded activity slip


It would be great if we could edit the Card Name on a recorded activity slip, prior to preparing the time billing invoice. As it stands you cannot go back in and edit this Card name as it's greyed out, you have to delete the entire activity slip and re-enter. It is mind-boggling why you wouldn't allow this change. This can be frustrating if you've inadvertently recorded multiple time slips with the incorrect card name. I don't believe not having the ability to change the name would be a security issue or otherwise.

Please consider the idea.

Thanking you

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Ability to change Card Name on Recorded Activity Slip

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    I find the same thing annoying.  It should be allowed at least on administrator level if security is an issue. It's stupid having to delete an invoice and then have that invoice number missing from your records..... I think it would be an issue if you were to be audited.  Unless you generate another invoice with that number, but then the dates would not match up with invoice numbers....hmmm

    Definately need to be able to edit that field.