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11 years ago

Time Billing: Enter Activity Slip - "Include Hours in Timesheets" on by default

When entering Activity slips is it possible to have the "Include Hours in Timesheet" ticked by default.


"When entering Activity slips is it possible to have the "Include Hours in Timesheet" ticked by default."


  • Status changed:
    Hi KimB, thank you for your suggestion, it would be great to see some more feedback from the community on this idea to show support for this being added.
  • This feature would be extremely useful. Currently when entering multiple activity slips there is no options in the table to even tick this box for each line item, which defeats the entire benefit in using the 'enter multiple activities' feature in my particular case. It should be relatively easy to have a payroll preference for activating this default. Please do this MYOB.
  • Hi Mark_R

    Thanks for your comments and showing your support by voting for this idea. I have shared your comments with the team.

  • Our little accounting firm would desperately love to be able to do this. Having to remind people to tick that box every time they enter an activity slip is a real pain in the neck. It needs to be ticked all the time for us.  Client billing and hourly wages go hand in hand. Please make it in the next update, MYOB, to make our payroll work easier.


  • Hi there Ilovemondays,


    Thank you for your comments. We do agree that the suggestion to have this selection ticked by default is an excellent idea and one that a lot of clients would benefit from seeing this in future releases of the software.


    Anyone else who would like to see this feature implemented, please vote for this idea by selecting the +Vote button next to the subject heading.