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10 years ago

To Do List: Accounts Payable - Ability to select pay from account

We basically cannot use the to do list accounts payable feature to manage invoice payments as there is no ability to select which account we are making payments from.


"Ability to select account making payment from in To Do List accounts payable"


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    Hi JKB 

    Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and using the To Do List.

    Currently the account used for making payments via the To Do list's accounts payable tab is the Setup>> Linked Accounts>>Purchase Accounts>>Bank account for Paying Bills.

    I would encourage other members of the MYOB Community that would like to see the idea to select the account used for those payments to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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    It would be useful if the account from which bills are paid could be selected as an o[ption on the suppliers card. I pay some accounts from my cheque account and some from a credit card account. If the default account is the cheque account and I want to pay a bill from a credit card then using the To Do List is not a useful option. Also with a payment from a credit card account a merchant fee may apply. The supplier card needs and option to select the merchant fee rate (%) and the account to which you want it charged. If all this was in place it would make paying bills from the To Do List a breeze.