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11 years ago

User Access: Expand roles

The user access levels are too generalised.


Administrators and the bookkeeper/Accountant profile have too much power and the next level down has none at all. 


It would be good to be able to customise the Access in a more detailed way.


For example to let a bookkeeper add new accounts and jobs, and be able to print GST reports but not have any access to the preferences of the file.



"User Access Levels"



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    Status changed:
    Thank you for your post, Drayton. I can see the benefit of being able to customise the User access levels like in our classic versions. If others would like this ability brought to the new AccountRight range, please Vote and add any comments.
  • At the moment, anyone logging into a LiveAccounts file can see all payroll information. This is not ideal as generally all staff don't have envolvment in the payroll.

    Could you please introduce a way to eliminate access & viewing of the payroll area to specific logon.

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    I disagree with not giving a bookkeeper access to the preferences as most bookkeepers understand the purpose of locking down the file and the bookkeeper in most instances is the one that police's the function.  


    I can see what MYOB has done with the user restrictions in the new AR live as the older versions restrictions were over the top and time consuming.   So we need to find a happy :smileytongue:medium. Perhaps restricting by each function within each command centre would be a good start?


     Food for thought but I wouldn't want it back to how it used to be!  


    Also need to give thought that about who has access to back up, restore and take the file offline, as currently a user who only has timesheet access can perform these actions which is a risk to the data in my eyes :smileysurprised:

  • I agree with BooksinTheCloud's comments.


    We need to find a happy medium between the old and the new levels without compromising the data's integrity.


    Over the past 10 years I've had many clients who have added transactions into periods which were already completed as their file wasn't locked after those periods were completed.  This caused us to spend more time on the file and therefore increase the cost to our clients.  We need to be able still have access to the option to lock the file from a certain date so this doesn't happen.

  • I have an office assistant who does not have full access to MYOB therefore my assistant is unable to create new job numbers with their details. Can the MYOB IT team create more options to tick for other users in the office to have access. The only options I do not want for other staff members are Banking, Accounts for Payroll.

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    Perhaps making the locking and unlocking of a period password protected would help.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    AccountRight 2014.2 and later allows for the modification of Roles to allow greater user access and restrictions to be placed on certain windows and features. This does include read-only mode restrictions.

    Help Article: Set up roles has more information into this feature and how to customise the roles for your employees.

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    Implemented? So you're saying that when I restrict a user from payroll ALL DETAILS of the payroll are not accessible in Accountright Live? i have been asking for more accurate screening on users for months, I was not aware something has been done.

    The old Accountright V19 had this feature & it worked without issue.

  • Hi mumow


    This particular idea was marked as implemented as the core of this particular idea was to allow the user to change and modify the user access levels, which was implemented in the AccountRight 2014.2 release with the Manage Roles tab.


    If you would like for AccountRight to restrict values further for example further restrictions on Payroll I would recommend showing your support for Payroll User Access, which is a more in depth idea relating to Payroll user access in particular.