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10 years ago

User Access: My custom reports only reports created by user

Since 2014.2 was released we now thankfully have more specific user access control options, which is great. HOWEVER, something really needs to be done about user access controls re. Custom reports. Presently, if a user has access to custom reports they can see ALL custom reports which have been created. This is a problem because, for example, a sales rep who needs to access his / her custom sales reports can also see the sensitive financial or wages custom reports that have been created by the company's accountant.


There needs to be some way of restricting access to certain custom reports, so that a user with access to custom reports cannot also see those that are confidential. Perhaps some form of password protection could be introduced? The creator of the custom report would then be able to password protect his report so that access would then be restricted to those knowing the password. An Enter Password field could be put in the Filter Report area per below. Probably easier said than done, but this problem really needs to be addressed.



"User Access Controls re. Custom Reports"