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User Access: Restrict access to sales/purchase on a per status basis


Our staff enter purchase orders on a daily basis & have full view of all the purchases in the company eg. open bills, closed bills, returns & debits & quotes if we could only have a purchase order register for staff entering orders this would be better to protect information we do not want users to see. It could also be good for staff doing invoicing as well Cheers


"Purchase Orders"


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    I'm not sure what verison of MYOB you're using. But you can allocate sections of MYOB to users.

    In my verison (19.11) it's under


    Setup / Preferences / Security 

    there's a box at the bottom called "USER IDs"


    click on that 

    Allocate a new user id for the person concerned (or for the role, ie POR - shortcut for Purchase order register)... 

    Set a password for this 

    and on the right hand side of the main window select functions the user (ie POR) cannot access,

    ie the only thing you want them to have access to in this case is "Enter Purchases".


    Please note, depending on access rights already setup, you may have to be logged in as the administrator to be able to action the changes above.


    I suggest  set up access for each staff member who has access to MYOB, set the levels of access etc per person, rather than use a generic login (ie POR), though if you do want to try it out, setup POR and have a play.




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    I have just noticed that you cannot turn off, in the User Access - Roles - Inventory, Receive Items.  Please add to the list.

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  • Can the access to purchases user access have a restricted access to entering only a "Quote" or  "Order" so that only users with a higher access can change them into a "Bill" when invoice has been confirmed or payment required? With a "read only" option on all other purchase reports?


    At the moment we have multiple "Purchases" users wiith access and although requested only to enter the Quote or Order - mistakes happen. The "Bill" then needs to be reversed out - making accounts look messy and possible questions arising from Auditors.


    Is there a possibility that this can be upgraded in a future upgrade - would be very helpful 



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    Would be great if you could allow user access for sales staff to produce quotes only and not invoices.    This avoids them accidently creating an invoice.  Would be simple enough to do.  Under the user access for sales like you have with 'read only' you can have an option for 'quote only' and when the salesman selects 'Enter sales' it would select Sales type: Quote and does not allow them to record it as an invoice.