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11 years ago

User Access: Save prompt

I know this is only a small fix but sometimes it is the small things that trip up users.  

When you set up a new user and click on save I think there needs to be screen prompt notifying us that the user has saved.

I have seen two users get stuck on this small issue... currently it appears as though the save button has not worked (even though it has).


"Save function not clear when setting up new users in AR Live"


  • Status added:
    Thanks for your feedback on adding users not being clear when it saves. I've moved your post to the Ideas Exchange, because this is the best place for this sort of feedback and suggestion. Other users who would like to see this please remember to vote to show your support for this change.
  • Status changed:

    Hi CloudMindAcc


    Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and saving of users.

    AccountRight 2015 has a more noticeable save prompt (green circle on screen) that appears when the save button has been pushed. Whereas previous versions would not generate that green indicating that the user name was being saved. Also the save button has been moved on screen to make it more noticeable that the username is getting saved.