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11 years ago

User Access: See who is currently in the file - active workstations

  1. Could MYOB Tech guys please set up a function where the Administrator can see who is actually online using the data file?  Or is there a way to see that now? 


"Users Online"



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    Please bring back the Active Users or Active Wprkstations option. You go to do something and get "Make sure you are th eonly user" so you then race around the building and phone the person working from home etc etc before doing anything. Ridiculous.

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      Could we please have the "Active Workstations" bought back - is very useful when trying to determine who is in the file when you want to backup/roll over.

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      With the older versions of MYOB eg Premier and AR Plus when you had to complete a task that needed to have all users out of the system you could easily check who was logged in and then log in as a single user to ensure the integrity of what you are doing.  Now there is no way to check or ensure that you are the only user.  I find it interesting that MYOB poses the question but gives no way to confirm this.  Short of running around the building and checking everyone's pc to make sure everyone is logged out and then hope that by the time you get back to your desk nobody has logged in seems somewhat of a large oversight.  This is an important function and hope this can be rectified.


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      I agree the Active Workstations was a great idea in the classic version and saved a lot of time running around trying to workout whom is on the system.

      In V2015.1 prior to performing a backup, I have to ensure all users are lodge off by ringing around or physically checking workstations if unattended.  This is a real hassle and a waste of time.


      Please bring back this feature?

      Isn't MYOB all about saving time?


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    Hi MYOB Developers,


    Where can I see the Active Work Station or those people who are logged on to MYOB in Accountright 2019.


    It used to be under File/Active Work Station, in AccountRight V19,  it's gone in AccountRight 2019.


    It's very important, please put it back.



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      Hello AidaMaglasang 

      I too am annoyed that it is now missing, but there is a way to see who is on the file.

      Go to File /  Work offline.

      there you will see who is connected -

      Then just Cancel out.

      Note - it is however possible for more than one person to be using the same User ID at the same time - not like on the Classic versions.



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    Status changed:
    Thanks for the suggestion Kathavachat. Any other users interested in this, please vote for this idea.
  • Anyone know where there has been any progress with this

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    Hello HWTURN  and others.


    There are already two ways to see who is on the MYOB Data File.

    1. Go to File / Work Offline. You will see the other active users.

    when done simply click Cancel.

    2. Go to Reports / Accounts / Security & Audit / Session Security Audit. This report lists when users logon and off among other things.


    I hope this helps,

    Cheers David