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10 years ago

Accounts list: Adding new accounts

When creating a new account line in the CoA the display window reverts to a blank window with the previous entry at the bottom that invites you to save or cancel

If you click save it tries to save the blank entry

The user is disinclined to click the cancel as they think they maybe cancel their previous entry


This is counter intutive and clunky


A solution would be at the end of creating an account there is both a Save and a Save and Add button as on other windows


As the CoA is often right at the beginning of the first time users Essentials experience it would be great if this could be improved asap


Hi others, if you agree, please vote for this 




"Chart of Accounts - adding new account lines more intuitively"


  • Hi,


    Sorry, I quite like it the way it is as I am often adding a number of accounts.


    But if there was to be a change and have these two buttons, could the [Save and Add] button please be the default button.



  • Status changed:

    Hi Geoff_Colwill 

    Thank you for your idea in regards to Essentials and Accounts list.

    Currently when you select Save it will save the account that you have created so you can create multiple accounts within the same window rather than closing out and going back in.

    I would encourage other users that would like to see a Save and a Save and Add button to vote and comment if required for this idea,

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    New accounts in MYOB Essentials are created by selecting the Add new (or Create account) option. This will allow you to add in the necessary account information before reverting back to the Accounts lists window. If a user does select the Cancel button when adding that account it will revert back to the original account list.