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4 years ago

header accounts adding incorectly

  • Hi rexmac 


    Thanks for confirming that. I've sent you an email with additional steps to try on this. Let me know how you go on with that. 

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    To clarify my earlier post ( pressed the wrong button) the detail accounts to not add to the header accounts correctly. I have tried refreshing these and although the header balances change they are wrong. This does not seem to affect the balance sheet figures and the indiviual accounts remain ok.

    Can anyone assist with a suggestion to fix this . Is thia a file corruption?


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      Hi rexmac 

      Welcome to the Community Forum!!


      It looks like you need to rearrange the accounts as it will refresh the Accounts List correctly. However, please ensure you have got a backup of the file before attempting this: 


      1. In the Accounts List window, click to highlight a detail account below the Header account with the incorrect balance. (we can only move one at a time)
      2. Click the Up button to change the hierarchy of the detail account. This will move the detail account to not be under the Header account.

      Example below shows after pressing the Up button, the detail account 6-2101 is now on the same level as the header account 6-2100.
      Note: This Example show the header account is still incorrect. It should have no balance with no detail accounts to total.

      3. Now we have moved the detail account this is no longer being totaled in the header account.
      4. Check the Header account balance,
      5. Move the detail account back down under the Header account, check the header account balance, this should now be correct. if not move to option 2.

      Example below shows the detail account 6-2101 has been moved under the header account 6-2100, and is showing the incorrect header balance still.

      If this does not work, please send me the screenshot of this window before and after moving the accounts, and also the last 4 digits of your serial number so we can look at other options available.

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        Hi Komal_S

        Thank you for your reply.

         I have rearranged the detail accounts as suggested and although there were some changes in the header accounts they are still not correct.

         The accounts affected are beneficiary accounts in a trust; they seem to come out ok in the balance sheet it is just in the accounts listing that the problem occurs.

        I have taken screen shots as suggested and will attempt to attach these and I have covered names for privacy reasons.I am an experienced retired accountant but a novice in this area

        The last 4 digits of my serial no is 7033