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2 years ago

Add/Edit 'Ship To' Field option when creating a Sales Invoices when using Web Browser

I need to add and edit the 'ship to' fields for customers when creating invoices without having to create a new customer each time.  I have a customer card called 'Cash Sales' but then edit/add the customers details etc to the Ship To Field so that i don't have to create numerous customer cards for every customer that purchases from us.  This allows me to record all the customers details per sale for future records.  The majority of our sales are 95% one off purchases and only 5% require customer cards for 30 day trading  accounts.


I have been doing this on the desktop version of Accounting Right Plus and am I currently trialling the Web Browser version.  A this stage this is the only thing stopping me from converting over to the Web Browser.


It would be great to have the option to add and edit 'Ship To"' details when creating a sales invoice when using the Web Browser version in the future.


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    Hi pricestruck,


    Thanks for posting and welcome to Community Forum.


    Currently, the option for changing the invoice shipping address is only for the desktop version. Generally, most customers have only one address that's why this was not one of the features that was prioritized by the development team. Rest assured that the main goal of the team is to make the web version as close as the desktop version. 


    Hope this information was useful. If you have further questions feel free to reply to this thread. 




  • This seems ridiculous. MYOB has always previously had the "ship to" field available in invoicing.

    Now it is not there and you say that most customers have only one address?

    I find that hard to believe. I am an electrician and I do work for customers - such as real estate agents - who have hundreds of different sites that they send me to.

    Can you please at least make the current version of myob have the basic capabilities it did for the previous 20 years?

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    I so agree with you Rooster0001 old basic version 2012 much more user friendly and adaptable.