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8 years ago

Bank transactions: Retain position in list when reviewing other windows

Accountants need to review their client bank transactions, as often clients either are unable to allocate expenses correctly or allocate obvious private expenses as business transactions.


When reviewing, creating a rule is a good way to try to ensure future transactions get allocated correctly.


Here's the problem .....


Assuming you are reviewing a quarter of bank transactions (therefore a large number of transactions) and create a rule for the transaction that needs reallocation, upon saving the transaction, your browser screen starts back at the top of the Bank Transaction screen. You then need to scroll through all the transactions again to find were you were up to to continue the review process.


This is very time consuming and means the job will take longer than it should.As many clients will only pay so much for services, the loss is often the accountants problem.


If you just reallocate the incorrect transaction, your browser stays in the same position rather than returning to the top of the page? SO its faster for the accountant to reallocate than to create rules, but that defeats the purpose of the technology.


Please fix this MYOB.



"MYOB Essentials - Browser behaviour when reviewing transactions/ creating rules"




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