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7 years ago

Bank transactions: Upload documents for expenses

If a business has many small expenses that are too numerous to add each one manually and then allocate a bank payment to that invoice or receipt, it'd be fantastic to be able to upload the receipt while allocating the transactions on the bank feed page. I know we can upload these receipts in another way, but doing it while on the actual bank feeds/transactions page would make it so easy and streamlined, saving heaps of time going back and forth and checking that it's correct, in the right place, right name, right amount. 


I've attached a screenshot of a transaction on the bank feeds page with a new link shown as "upload". Selecting that would present a way to upload the receipt. Part of the process would have to be to allocate to an expense account (or capital expenditure) and of course the system would have to do all the right things with it at the back end. The user may have to check that GST calcs are correct as is the total but this could be shown on the screen and the user just needs to ok it.


"Upload receipts or tax invoices on the bank transactions page while allocating banking transactions"


  • Hello,  in addition to this can there be an automatic link back to a document when there is an regular payment such as a monthly lease payment - document is linked to the first payment and then each subsequent payment also links to that document so that a few years later you can still access that original document

  • Yes, please. As a small business, we pay most of our bills on the credit card or in cash. This means we use the bank fed to code them directly, not supplier invoices. It would be so much easier if we could upload the receipts/invoices as we go, or even in the same way we upload them for suppliers.