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10 years ago

Banking: Split payments between cash and EFTPOS

We have the odd customer who pays their account with cash or eftpos.

The problem arrises when we come to reconcile the transaction and we cannot seperate the account payment because we cannot split it our from the card payments.

Why can this facility not be included in the software.

It is incrediably annoying.




"Accounts paid with cash or eftpos"


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    Hi Maarty. I assume you mean you take 2 payments for an invoice. Both are lodged directly into the bank account. If you make one receipt for both payment that will be deposited as one receipt. Make 2 receipts but then its necessary to reconcile all individual receipts. MYOB Essentials has no facility to save all receipts and then make one lodgement as happens in the real world. Looking at MYOB Account right you can do that I think.

  • No, what I mean is, there is no way to split an invoice payment from a cash payment, eg: a payment goes into our account overnight for $1000 (lets say it,s card payments), this ammount is made up of $400 of sales plus $600 which was for an invoiced account (paid with CC) . Now the problem arises when I want to split that ammount to invoice and/or sales, I carn't.!

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    Hi Maarty

    Thank you for your idea in regards to Essentials and splitting of amounts.

    MYOB Essentials allows you to split a bank transaction or match that transaction to one already in the system.  When you split a transaction you would be creating a spend or receive money transaction off that transaction so that they can be allocated to the relevant accounts.  You also have the Match option, this allows you to match that bank transaction to the invoice. 

    As the options are a Match or Split option you are unable to select both. If you did want to split and match you would first need to enter the split transaction manually i.e. Banking>>Receive Money, then match both the invoice and the Receive Money transaction using the Match option.

    Does that provide information into your idea or can you provide some additional information such as what you mean by invoiced account? How do you go about recording that Essentials in general?

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    Thank you for the idea. Unfortunately, this request has had little support for the community since it was submitted so we are moving this idea to the Archived status. For more information on Idea Statuses, please read this article Changes to our Idea Exchange pages