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7 months ago

Banner at top of screen

Just a suggestion to improve working on files in a browser: 


Is it possible have the heading banner accross the top of the screen (example shown below) locked at the top of the screen so that when you scroll down it always stays visable?  Not only can we quickly access the menus/tools, we can also easily see what file we are working in, especially when we have multiple files open at once.  Thanks. 


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  • Hi CatherineBryant,


    Thank you for your post.


    We appreciate you sharing your suggestion to improve the user experience when working on files in a browser. The request to have the heading banner across the top of the screen remain visible while scrolling is a great idea. We'll make sure to pass this suggestion along to our development team for consideration. While we can't provide an immediate timeline for implementation, your input will be considered as we prioritize and plan future updates.


    In the meantime, if you've got more suggestions or any ideas to enhance our services, kindly share them on our MYOB Business/Essential Idea Exchange for our developers' review and consideration.